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Georgia County One of Growing Number Suing Opioid Manufacturers


DeKalb County is joining Fulton County in taking aim at opioid manufacturers. The move comes as communities are facing escalating costs associated with law enforcement, emergency care, and treatment needed to help those addicted to the drugs.

“Addiction to opioids is something that’s devastating communities across the country,” according Shayna Sacks, a partner with the law firm Napoli Shkolnik . “According to the CDC, approximately 90 people a day are dying from opioids, and drug overdoses and deaths from opioids have skyrocketed in the past few years, including Georgia.”

Napoli Shkolnik, which is representing those counties and others at no cost. who are spending millions to treat the epidemic.

“Our suits are focused on the manufacturers and the distributors of these drugs. We’re talking OxyContin, Percocet, those types of medications.  Our allegation is they put corporate greed and profit above the community.”

Sacks says communities battling the crisis are spending millions.

“We’re talking about money related to first responders, to Narcan, which is the medication that brings people back after an overdose, treatment, loss of productivity in our workforce, healthcare.”

Additional Georgia communities are expected to pursue similar litigation.

Napoli Shkolnik has a history of acting on behalf of municipalities around the nation. The firm is also representing the children of Flint, Michigan in the wake of lead contamination of the community’s water.

Fore more information:https://www.napolilaw.com/

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