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State Senate Bill to Seek Background Checks for Nursing Home Employees


A new bill in the state senate would call for background checks of employees at nursing homes. Introduced on Tuesday, Senate Bill 406 would require nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care facilities to conduct criminal background checks on all employees.

Under the bill, a state-wide “Caregivers’ Registry” would also be established. It would allow certain employers access to the background checks and other pertinent information. Evan Jones is with the law firm Blasingame, Burch & Garrard, Ashley, his primary focus is nursing home neglect and abuse.

“I’ve had cases in the past and have prosecuted cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities where employees have abused residents, they have sexually assaulted residents and they have physically assault resident,” according to Jones. “Part of this bill also protects residents and their valuables and their monetary funds. It would terminate employees who would actually attempt to steal these funds. I’ve had that happen as well to some of the residents I’ve represented.”

The bill would require job applicants and current employees of long-term care facilities to consent to a national and state background check, which includes a registry check, a check of information maintained by a professional licensing board, and a criminal background check.