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WalletHub Survey: Things People Like More Than Taxes


Tax Day is looming and there are still millions of Americans who have yet to file their taxes. According to the website fivethirtyeight.com  (538), one in seven people file in the last week. This year people have some extra time, taxes are due until Tuesday, April 17, but some state deadlines are even longer. Iowa and Virginia resident have until May 1 and Louisiana residents have until May 15. Even with the longer deadlines, tax season is still a time most filers dread.

Jill Gonzalez is with the personal finance website WalletHub. She says analysts conducted a survey to find out just how much Americans dislike the process.

“As far as taxes in general, I think it’s pretty surprising to see what people would do to get out of taxes,” Gonzalez said. “People would actually move to different country, people would rather talk to their kids about the birds and bees instead of doing their taxes, so it’s something that everyone seems to hate.”

And she says it seems most taxpayers like almost anything more than the feds.

“People said they like their in-laws, cold showers, and traffic jams more than the IRS.”

WalletHub surveyed over 480 taxpayers for the survey.

The biggest Tax Day fears are math mistakes, not having enough money, identity theft, and getting audited. 90 percent of people don’t think the government spends their tax dollars wisely.

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