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Free UGA Program for High-Achieving Students

UGA School of Public Health

This week, the University of Georgia's College of Public Health is hosting high school students interested in health and medicine.

Nearly two dozen students were selected from a pool of 300 applicants from diverse backgrounds to attend UGA’s first Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute. It’s headed by Professor Brittani Harmon, who says the free program provides several benefits.

“The Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute is designed to give rising high school seniors who are high-achieving a chance to visit UGA, get exposed to public health in the medical and health care fields,” Harmon said. “But also to stay on campus and to understand UGA as a university.”

Participants in the program interested in applying for undergraduate admission to UGA will have the cost of their application fee covered.

“The student come from diverse backgrounds so I want the program to be able to expose UGA as a potential opportunity for them to consider for their selections for college, and in turn have increased diversity at the university.”

Harmon says the program can help both the students and the institution.

“So providing opportunities to students who may not have thought about UGA as a potential college that they may attend.”

The institute is funded by UGA’s New Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion Grant. It runs through July 14.