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Environment Georgia Laments Government Decision to Repeal Clean Car Standards


A Trump administration decision to repeal the Clean Car standards is being criticized by Georgia environmental groups.

The Obama administration rule began in 2012 and increased fuel efficiency requirements for cars.

Environment Georgia and other agencies are increasing their efforts to rally public outcry against the move. Executive Director Jennette Gayer says the Clean Car rule has several benefits.

“Ramping up fuel efficiency standards for cars, making them more efficient and at the same time, saving all of us money at the pump; and very significantly, cutting global warming pollution,” according to Gayer. “We are doing away with one of the best tools we have right now to fight global warming.”

Gayer says Georgians have saved an estimated $970 million at the pump due to increased efficiency.

“Georgia is actually one of the leaders in the country when it comes to electric cars. Second only to California for the amount of electric cars that we have on the road.

She says the Clean Car rule helped contribute to that development.

“Some of that is because we had a really great tax credit that encouraged people to buy electric cars, but there wouldn’t have had been electric cars for people to buy without this rule that was really driving manufacturers to come up with solutions to make cars more efficient.

There will be a public comment period regarding the change.

Gayer says Athens had 50 days of degraded air quality in 2016, the most recent year for data.

For more information, visit environmentgeorgia.org.

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