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"Armed and Dangerous' Jackson County Suspect Captured in Tennessee

A man considered armed in dangerous is back in police custody. According to Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum, Shannon Michael Carter was arrested in Tennessee Monday morning. Carter is accused of going on a crime spree in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

“My understanding from the police chief there, is that they had a report of a stolen vehicle, a Land Rover,” according to Sheriff Mangum. “They found the vehicle and he was in it and took off and they were chasing him, he went up a hill and had to back up and when he did, that’s when he pinned the officer between the cars.“

Mangum says that wasn’t the end of the chase.

“He started again and they shot at him, but didn’t hit him and he even went through a school yard, they had to put the school on lockdown, he ran through a couple of fences and when he finally wrecked, he got out to run and they had a K-9 dog that got him.”

The sheriff says Carter is facing several felony charges in Jackson County as well. He’s accused of trying to run over a deputy, leading authorities on a chase, and ramming a sheriff’s office vehicle. Carter and Joshua Martin   are charged with several felonies stemming from that incident. They include aggravated assault on a police officer, obstruction, possession of a firearm and more.

“I knew from the beginning that would not stop for anything and he proved that in Kingsport Tennessee yesterday.”

The sheriff says Carter will be extradited back to Georgia.

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