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Soul Shop, National Suicide Training Workshops Coming to Athens


Milledge Avenue Baptist church is hosting two free sessions of a national recognized suicide awareness training movement. Soul Shop for the public will be held Sunday, September 16, from 3 to 5 pm. Madeline Van Dyke is Parish Nurse at First Presbyterian Church in Athens.

“Anyone is welcome, we particularly encourage people who have had experience with the subject, that would include police officer, firefighters, teachers, the general public, who find themselves in situations of crisis or building crisis."

An all-day session of the workshop is scheduled for Monday, September 17 for members of the faith-based community.

“We cannot wait for the suffering individual to find their way to the emergency room or their way to the therapist’s couch. We all have to be much more aware of the call for help.”

For more information or to register visit www.milledge.org/soulshop,  or call 076-354-0090 by September 13.

The training will address how we think and talk about suicide, suicide as a community health problem, and steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of suicide.