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Hodgson Wind Ensemble's “Fireworks & Serenades” Concert


If you’re looking for a way so spend celebrate Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider a night at Hugh Hodgson Hall. The UGA’s Hodgson Wind Ensemble is hosting the "Fireworks & Serenades" concert Thursday night.

The University of Georgia’s Hodgson Wind Ensemble invites you to share your love of music in a Valentine’s Day program: Fireworks & Serenades.  UGA Director of bands, Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner, is the conductor. She quotes student and performer Elizabeth Harwood in telling us what to expect.

“And she says, and I quote: Oh baby, ain’t nothing quite like Stravinsky at 7:30 on a Thursday night, you want cute musical couples, we got ‘em. Gershwin that makes you gush, done. You like rhythm, we got 16th note subdivisions that sing seduction. Spend that six dollars on so sweet tunes instead of the chocolate sampler that’s sure to get marked down on the 15th. Let us be your valentine.”

Attendees can also enjoy a Photo Booth at the event and chocolate after the concert.

The Hodgson Wind Ensemble is the premiere performing ensemble of UGA Bands, having garnered an international reputation for its artistry, precision, sensitivity, and musicianship.

This concert, part of the Thursday Scholarship Series, is ticketed through the UGA Performing Arts Center ($6-20; available online: https://pac.uga.edu/; or by phone: 706.542.4400).  The performance is underwritten by WUGA, 91.7 and 94.5 FM. oncert which takes place in Hodgson Hall at 7:30 this evening.