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2019's Best and Worst States for Women


March is Women’s History Month and despite making up 51% of the U.S. population, women are not particularly well-represented when it comes to leadership positons.

Women make up 23.7 percent of the seats in Congress. The personal-finance website WalletHub recently released its report on 2019’s Best & Worst States for Women. Analyst Jill Gonzalez tells us where Georgia ranked.

“We looked both at their economic and social wellbeing as well as health and safety,” according Gonzalez. “Unfortunately, Georgia has to improve on both of those categories. It ranked 39th overall.”

WalletHub studied the 50 states and District of Columbia across 24 factors of living standards for women. Gonzales tells us where women in Georgia fared worst in specific areas.

“Some of the factors include the 3d lowest high school graduation rate for women, it also has one of the highest female uninsured rates in the country. Women are making a lot of less than men, and of course concerning health care, because women are not as insured as they are in many other states; we’re seeing that most of them aren’t getting that preventative health care that they need.”

There was a bright spot in the Peach State when it came to female entrepreneurs.

“The one thing that Georgia really has going for it, especially under that economic category, is that it does have the fifth highest percentage of women-owned businesses right now.”

There was a regional trend. With the south doing worse than northern states. Louisiana was at the bottom of the list, with Minnesota ranking best for women.

The study also revealed women make up nearly two-thirds of all minimum-wage workers.

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