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UGA Expert Pam Knox on High Pollen Count

Georgia Health News

Allergy suffers and others may see some relief this weekend. That’s according to Pam Knox, director of the UGA weather network. She says Georgia started off the year earlier than normal with pollen.

“Well, it’s been an interesting pollen season because we started out earlier than usual with some pollen already showing up in January,” That’s been in spite of some of the cold weather we had, you know, by the end of January we were into pretty warm conditions and that continued and everything started blooming pretty quickly.”

That early start culminated the highest pollen count northeast Georgia experienced in the past several years.

“The highest day for Atlanta, which is where they take the recordings, was April 5, and it was the highest pollen count they’ve had in past six years. So it really is bad.”

Last week’s pollen count was over six thousand. Knox says that’s resulting in serval issues for allergy suffers.

“I’ve heard many people take about running noses, and itchy eyes, watery eyes, a lot of couching because all that stuff gets in your lungs and you have to clear it out. And being tired, because it takes a lot of work to go under all that stress all the time. So all of that is happening at the same time.”

Knox says event those who aren’t allergic are feeling the effects of the continued high amounts of pollen.

Pam Knox, Director Georgia Weather Network.

“You’re still having to deal with the mechanical problems of trying to get that pollen out of your system.”

Knox says if the thunderstorms expected Sunday dump at least an inch of rain, Athens could see a few days of relief.