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Upcoming Earth Day Event at Harris Shoals Park

Members of the Athens community and surrounding areas are invited to an upcoming Earth Day event in Oconee County.

The “What on Earth” event is organized by the Oconee County Democrats, but the nonpartisan event is open everyone in the community.

The event will allow attendees to learn how to avoid chiggers, help Monarch butterflies, distinguish good bugs from bad, and more.

“We’ll be celebrating science, getting people outdoors, particularly kids. There will be all kinds of activities. People will be able to learn about opossums and their importance for the environment. They will be able to splash in the shoals, learn about what not to recycle, how to protect birds,” Priest said. “My husband, who is very ardent about eating more of a plant-based diet, is going to show people how to use Instant Pot.”

Event Producer Pat Priest says about 20 groups are providing activities.

“What we were looking for was people who could have things going on at their booths which are informing, engaging and inspirational,” Priest said. “Really, the impetus is global climate change and how we can help animals as they’re struggling and how we can help the planet, but we also want it to not be totally depressing.”

In addition, attendees can bring hard-to-recycle items like car batteries, and electronics like flat screen TVs, fax machines, printers, keyboards and more.

The family-friendly event is scheduled for Saturday, April 20 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Harris Shoals Park.