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Georgia Sets Jobs Record in June


Georgia continues to set records when it comes to job numbers. The State Labor Department released the numbers this week. Commissioner Mark Butler says Georgia added thousands of jobs in June.

“To see a job growth of over 20,000 jobs this June is a very strong indication right now of how good the economy is in Georgia.”

The unemployment rate for the state dropped to 3.7% and the number of people filling for unemployment also decreased.

“This last month we actually have one of the lowest numbers that we have seen for claims for unemployment since 1994,” Butler said.

Butler says that number is more impressive when consider this past month saw 16,000 unemployment claims compared to 12,000 in June of 1974 since the workforce is currently 5 million strong versus two million then.

“So to come close to hitting the record is pretty astonishing that we’re seeing that type of low amount of claims being filed in the state of Georgia even though we have a lot great workforce out there.”

While the labor force did shrink a bit, the commissioner says even that had the positive effect of lowering unemployment rates among some of the long-term unemployed.

“Now we’re starting to dig into some of those individuals who’ve been unemployed for a little longer, so that means we’re starting to dig in to some of those individuals who are harder to employ,” according to Butler.

Areas adding the most jobs include education/health services and information.

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