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Weakening Hurricane Dorian Causes North Carolina Flooding

AP Photo/Tom Copeland

A weakened Hurricane Dorian left Georgia relatively unscathed, but the storm still packed a powerful punch when it hit North Carolina.

Hundreds of residents in the Outer Banks were trapped due to flooding. Dr. John Knox is a UGA Professor of geography and undergraduate coordinator of the Atmospheric Sciences Program. He’s been following the storm.

“They’ve been having hurricane-force winds along the outer banks and storm surge and they were supposed to evacuate; they didn’t and they’re paying the consequences, although the tax payers are also paying the consequences for having to go bail them out,” according to Knox.

He explains why it seems to have lingered for so long.

“It started way back in August, almost mid-August, in the early August 20’s. It was what’s known as a Cape Verde storm, which means it was a seedling that became a tropical system off the coast of Africa and those are known to cause some of the worst hurricanes.”

More than a quarter-million residents and visitors were ordered to evacuate the Outer Banks.

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