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TV Series "Mayflower" Films in Downtown Athens


 On September 27th, downtown Athens served as the backdrop for Mayflower, a forthcoming television series co-directed by award-winning screenplay writer, Chris Danuser.

Jeremiah Bennett, the producer of Mayflower, was born and raised in Athens. He explains why his team chose the Classic City as a filming location. 

“Athens is a great town, I love the skyline and beautiful buildings,” Bennett said. “We are using aerial shots of downtown to set the scene of a historic mid-sized southern town. We hope to come back to Athens when we begin filming the full television series.”

The series explores the story of a widower, Mr. Mayflower, who becomes bent on truck-bombing a mosque afterreceiving the remains of his son who was killed in Afghanistan. 

“After Mayflower’s son is killed, he develops a dark perspective of the world,” Bennett said. “The series tells the story of him seeking revenge in a misguided way before he finds hope and grace in the end.” 

Actors David Triacca, (The Equalizer, Law & Order, Love Crimes, The Off Season), and Stephanie Kurtzuba, who have appeared in a number of film, television and live theatre productions, will be starring in the series. 

Mayflower will continue filming in Summer 2020.