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CCSD Searching for New Principal for Cedar Shoals High School

The Clarke County School District is in the process of hiring a new principal for Cedar Shoals High School.

Superintendent Demond Means sent out a letter explaining the procedure in the wake of the recent resignation of Principal Derrick Maxwell.

Associate principals Aaron Carter and Antonio Derricotte will serve as co-interim principals effective as of Wednesday, October 30.

The 10-step selection process includes a community information meeting, community survey, principal selection team formed, screening of candidates and two rounds of interviews.

Since the Clarke County School District became a charter system in July 2016, the local school governance team will play a role in the selection process. Teams are comprised of a principal, 3 parents, 3 teacher/staff members who are elected, three community members, one student and up to 2 at-large members who are all selected by the LSGT.

The posting for that job was officially released Wednesday.


1. Staff Information Meeting: the superintendent and HR staff, meet with the school to discuss the requirements for the position, and obtain input from teachers/staff.

2. Community Information Meeting: the superintendent and HR staff, meet with community stakeholders to discuss the requirements for the position, and obtain input from teachers/staff.

3. Community Survey: a survey is posted on the district/school website to solicit input from community stakeholders regarding the requirements for the position.

4. Principal Selection Team Formed: applications are accepted for stakeholders to serve on the Principal Selection Team. This team joins the Local School Governance Team (LSGT)to participate in the selection process. The LSGT decides if any members are to be added to the hiring committee.

5.Candidate Screening Questions Compiled: input received from stakeholder meetings are used as the basis for candidate screening questions.

6. Position Posted: the principal job position is posted. Note: for mid-year hires, the HR department will keep the job labeled “open until filled” to collect the appropriate number of qualified applicants.

a. During this process, an Interim Principal is selected by the Superintendent, and it possible the interim serves to the end of the school year.

b. The pool of candidates for a mid-year opening is usually much lower than for a job posted at the end of the school year. The HR department will keep the job “open” until they determine a sufficient number of qualified applicants have applied.

7. Screening of Candidate Applications: the Principal Selection Team reviews candidate applications to compile a list of candidates to interview.

8. Round 1 Interviews: round 1 interviews occur with the Principal Selection Team.

9. Round 2 Interviews: round 2 interviews occur with the District Level Finalist Team.

10. Hiring Recommendation: the Superintendent presents a hiring recommendation to the Board of Education.