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Advantage Behavioral Health Launches New Street Outreach Initiative

A partnership between the ACC government, Athens Downtown Development Authority and Advantage Behavioral Health is funding a position that provides targeted assistance to people on the streets in Athens.

Evan Mills, director of development and housing programs at Advantage Behavioral Health, says it’s part of their Street Outreach Initiative.

“Basically going to provide direct outreach and engagements, a level of relationship building and rapport for the individuals downtown and the individuals that we see hanging out at off ramps with the signs that we’ve all seen, I’m homeless, please help. Mills said.

‘And what does that look like? Is the person actually going on the streets and talk to people?’

“This individual is going to be hanging out downtown and throughout Athens-Clarke County, meeting these individuals, finding out what their needs are.”

Mills says the new position allows someone from the organization to take information about resources directly to those in the most need of assistance.

“The position will help individuals needing aid find assistance as well as benefit organizations providing aid avoid duplicating services.

We’ve got the level of buy-in from the business community as well as the local government to do something that can be impactful for this population.”

The work is already underway and making a difference.

“It’s started. This position is six weeks going now. He’s brand new, he’s learning the system and has met some individuals. He’s hit the ground running and we’re already seeing some positive impacts.”

Advantage Behavioral Health serves a 10-county region in Northeast Georgia and operates six outpatient clinics and seven clinical sites.