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ACC Commissioners Vote for Next Step in Replacing Bridge along 'Murmur Trestle'


Planners are moving forward with a design for replacing the iconic rail trestle made famous by R.E.M. The group released its first album “Murmur” in 1983 with a picture of the trestle on the back cover.

Now that structure over Dudley Park, often called the Murmur Trestle, is a step closer to being replaced. That after a vote by ACC Commissioners at their most recent meeting.

District 7 Commissioner Russell Edwards voted in favor of the move.

“That concept I think does a great job of making this segment functional, most importantly, building out the network so that users can get on the trail and enjoy it; while also paying tribute to the history of the trestle,” according to Edwards.

Edwards says while voters approved $3.25 million for bridge funding in 2018, plans go back to SPLOST 2005.

District 6 Commissioner Jerry NeSmith was one of three commissioners voting against the proposal.

“The issue I and a couple of other commissioners had, was that the final design was completed and the dates on the drawings was completed before the open house where they were taking citizen input,” NeSmith said.

NeSmith says everyone wants the trestle and he commends the effort of the citizens who worked on the proposal, however, he did say would like to see more wood in the design.

Final plans should be completed in May 2020 and construction should be completed by July 2021.