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Georgia Ranks High on List Most Engaged African-American Voters


This is Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the Democratic primary campaign. 14 states are deciding who should face President Donald Trump this fall. With election season in full spring, the personal finance website WalletHub studied 2020’s States with the Highest Political Engagement Among African-Americans. Analyst Jill Gonzalez says Georgia came in near the top.

“Georgia ranks pretty well here, it ranked 9th best, so in the top 10, behind some states like Ohio, South Carolina, new Jersey and Mississippi,” Gonzalez said.

Georgia did particularly well in some areas.

“Georgia did well when it comes to the 2018 midterm elections. It had the third best back voter turnout in the country, so that was a huge help and I think it really shows that people are ramping up to see that same high voter turnout in this year’s election.”

But that wasn’t the only bright spot.

“We also see that black voter registration has been on the up recently, so that certainly is a good thing.”

Of course, there was room for improvement.

“One area that it could do even better in is a higher percentage of back delegates at the national convention as well as in its own state legislature.”

Analysts considered several factors in determining that list.

“We looked at six main categories, so black voter turnout in both the last election and the 2018 midterms, the same with registration for the last election in 2016 and then the midterms after that,” according to Gonzalez. “And finally the proportion of how many people are in power in terms of state legislature, compare that to the black population and the same with the national party conventions.”

For more information, visit WalletHub.