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Federal Officials Report to Scene of Oconee County Plane Crash


At least three people are dead after a plane crash in Oconee County Tuesday evening. Federal officials were on the scene near Elder Road to recover the plane and debris from the site. Captain James Hale with the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office headed a news briefing regarding the accident. He said first responders were there quickly, but there was no chance of rescue.

“We were on the scene shortly after the plane reported crashed, and within minutes of that, I just want to pretty much emphasize the fact that our Fire Rescue and first responders her in Oconee County are very good at what they do,” Hale said. “They responded very rapidly to the scene. Rescue attempts were made, but because of the damage and because of the fire, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.”

In addition to the fire, there were also several reported explosions. The remains were taken to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsy and identification. While roads were briefly closed in the area, no homes had to be evacuated.

“The main part of the debris field in in a heavily wooded area, approximately about a quarter mile off the main road here and it’s probably about five or six hundred yards from the nearest residence.”

In addition to Oconee County personnel, the Georgia State Patrol Aviation unit also helped in the search for debris.

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