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East Athens In Need of Community Support During Pandemic


While unemployment numbers are skyrocketing around the nations, state and locally. One Athens man is trying to assist those in need. Lemuel LaRoche also known as Life the Griot is the founder of Chess and Community and an instructor at UGA’s school of Social Work. He says as bad as the numbers are, especially in the hospitality industry, some Athenians are even harder hit.

"Whenever we hear that there's a pandemic or something that's impacting Athens, best believe that East Athens is maybe 50% worse. It's going to be five times worse because of the lack of resources, because of the neglect of that community for so long." 

LaRoche is focusing his efforts on helping communities in East Athens, but he wants other hidden populations to have access to resources.

"We can look around. What's going on with our Latinx community that's also hit hard? They don't have access to banks--those who are unbanked."

The East Athens Development Corporation has a fund aimed at helping those communities.

"If we can get various professors who live in town or people who have access to resources to give to that fund $25, $50, that can go a long way for a lot of families in East Athens. 

Visit www.eadcinc.org for more information or to donate.


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