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Neighborhood Leaders Working to Connect Athenians in Need with Resources


The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unprecedented need in some communities. Family Connection-Communities in Schools of Athens Neighborhood leaders with Trend in what neighbors are needing. Terris Thomas, Director of Neighborhood Engagement, says Food distribution is a priority. But that’s just one of many major concerns facing several Athens residents.

“There is a consistent request for financial assistance to help with bills, of course the reoccurring is housing, also employment,” according to Thomas. “Child care has been an interesting note that has been submitted because some parents do work frontline and they are essential workers.

Not all the needs are physical.

“There’s a great deal of anxiety, worry, stress. In the zone where many of our undocumented residents are, many of were laid off and now it’s overwhelming concern about what do they do about their bills, their household problems.”

Thomas says anyone able to help with donations of goods, can contact neighborhood leaders, or donate to agencies like The Ark that provide assistance to residents. Thomas also asks that anyone who has a need contact them as well.

“Let us know if you are aware of a resident or someone who is need of food.”

Visit Family Connection Communities in schools for more information at FC-CIS.org.

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