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Gov. Kemp: COVID-19 Priorities Remain the Same Despite Budget Cuts


Governor Brian Kemp providing an update on the state’s efforts in battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kemp addressed concerns regarding the impact budget cuts could have on fighting coronavirus.

“I’m going to fight for the things that are priorities in our state, as I’ve done in the past,” Kemp said. “Certainly healthcare has been part of that with our waivers; it was a signature piece of legislation to continue to make healthcare in Georgia more affordable, more accessible and more efficient.”

The governor says his priorities haven’t changed.

‘Obviously in this crisis our first responders, public safety, our frontline health care workers, as well as continuing to have, supporting out teachers and our educators are my number one priorities and will continue to be.”

State agencies have been asked to cut their spending plans by 14% for the FY2021 budget which begins July 1st. The governor says he’s not yet sure what the final measure will look like.

“We’ll have to see what the Senate rolls out, what the conference committee reports on, but that is what I am going to be fighting for in this budget,” according to Kemp.  “And we continue to be obviously be engaged with the federal delegation with Senator Loffler and Senator Perdue on everything what’s going on with the previously passed CARES Act and the current discussions that they have for a fourth stimulus, whether that happens or not.”

Kemp was joined by representatives from the health department, GEMA, department of Insurance, Georgia national Guard and Augusta University.

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