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State Budget Cuts One Billion Dollars From Statewide K-12 Education


Governor Brian Kemp signed the 2021 state budget into law yesterday, enacting almost a billion dollars in cuts to K through 12 public education funding.

950 million dollars were cut from the Quality Basic Education program, the formula that largely determines state spending on public schools. Funding for school counselors was also reduced by 25 million.

142 million dollars were added for enrollment growth and teacher training, and almost 9 million dollars were added to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, which funds programs like the Governor’s Honors Program and Growing Readers. Finally, 927,000 dollars were added for pupil transportation based on enrollment growth. Georgia Public Broadcasting reports that state funding for student transport now almost matches the 2000 fiscal year budget, despite an increase of nearly 300,000 students.

The fiscal year 2021 budget takes effect today, July 1.