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Gov. Kemp COVID-19 Update and Reopening of Georgia World Congress Center for Patients

AP Photo/Ron Harris, Pool

Governor Brian Kemp providing a COVID-19 update Tuesday afternoon. The governor says Georgia has begun receiving 174,000 does of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Unlike the 125-thouand plus doses of the Pfizer vaccine received last week, Moderna’s version does not require ultra-cold freezer storage.

“This vaccine will be easier to deploy and store, and it will be going to hundreds of public health sites, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics all across the state,” according to Kemp. “As I said last week, these vaccines are safe, they’re very effective and we are working nonstop to get them out to our fellow Georgians following the CDC guidance.”

Kemp also discussed the increase in Georgia’s virus numbers.

“In concert with rising cases and hospitalizations due to COVID as well as other procedures, our hospitals have seen an increased need for bed space to treat other patients. The state is activating a rapid plan to increase capacity and make sure our hospitals are not overrun. I have authorized the reopening of the Georgia World Congress Center alternative care facility. With 60 new beds to assist with patient overflow.”

The Georgia World Congress Center will be open to take patients by Monday, December 28th.

The governor also said state lawmakers will provide some $70 million to help provide hospitals with extra staff to battle the virus.

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