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AADM Opening New Community Justice Center in Athens

@AADMovement via Facebook

The Athens-Anti-Discrimination Movement is hosting a Grand Opening of its Justice Center Saturday. President and co-founder of the nonprofit, Mokah Jasmine Johnson, says the new facility will address a variety of community needs.

“This facility is going to address people that are dealing with mass incarceration, and also people that want to get resources and support for knowing how to protect their rights and also be a safe space for the youth.”

One service the organization provides is the Bail Out Program.

“The bail out fund started back over the summer when we had the Justice for Black Lives Protest. People were getting incarcerated for peacefully protesting. We also were able to help other people get out of jail. We really see the need once they get out of jail, dealing with all the legal fines and fees, making sure they have resources in place so they don’t go back to jail.”

But Johnson says there are several other services in addition.

“We also started a community program. We're offering tutoring during COVID. We don't just protest and rally for things; we also advocate for policy changes. We're going into the community to try to make tangible changes.”

The AADM is accepting donations for that programs and others, as well as books for the center and the jail. Visit aadmovement.org for more information.