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American Constitution Society to Hold 'Rap on Trial' Virtual Event

While Athens is a music town primarily known for its rock music, it also has a steadily thriving hip-hop scene and an upcoming virtual event hosted by the American Constitution Society will explore how rap artists are targeted in the legal system.

This upcoming Wednesday night, the ACS will host a panel featuring community leaders such as Mariah Parker and Montu Miller to discuss the criminalization of Black culture and creative expression, specifically rap musicians.

Lyle: "I think what we've learned in Athens over the last couple of years is that reforming the criminal justice system involves dealing not just with one system, but with a whole spectrum of systems. It matters how the police department is doing its work and it requires people in the community holding everyone accountable. And so that's why people can hear from all of those perspectives at this event and hopefully learn from it, how they can engage in bringing about the reforms they want to see."

People can either register to watch via Zoom or stream the event live on YouTube.

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