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UGA Research on Physical Activity and Burnout Among Healthcare Workers

The last year and a half has placed tremendous burden on health care workers, particularly those on the frontlines. The often, unrelenting stress which is a near constant for many workers, could put them at risk for burnout. New research from the University of Georgia shows physical activity could help lower that risk. Dr. Marilyn Wolff is the lead author of that story.

“Occupational physical activity is the physical activity you do at your work, or on your work time and leisure time physical activity is typically defined as physical activity you do for fun,” according to Dr. Wolff. “So different types of hobbies, is you like to go running, jogging, those kinds of activities.”

That study, “Associations Between Occupational and Leisure-Time Physical Activity with Employees Stress, Burnout and Well-Being Among Healthcare Industry workers was published in the American Journal of Health Promotion. The research shows the type of activity makes a difference.

“We found that leisure time physical activity mitigated the effects of burnout and stress.

And unfortunately we saw and association where, with more of occupational physical activity, you saw an increase in stress and exhaustion.


You can hear more from Dr. Marilyn Wolff on health care workers, burnout and physical activity on this week’s edition of Athens News Matters.