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YWCO Announces Inaugural Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser


The Athens YWCO is hosting a unique fundraiser, in the form of an inaugural dinner theatre. Guests will become part of the action, serving as victims, suspects, witnesses or investigators. Becky Galvin is the COO at the organization.

“Well, we’re very excited to be hosting our Murder Mystery Dinner finally,” Galvin said. “We have had to postpone it twice because of COVID, but this fall on August 13th, it’s a Friday the 13th, the perfect night for a murder mystery; we will be having the Murder Mystery Dinner.”

The money raised supports the Girls Club summer camp program.

It's a Friday the 13th, the perfect night for a murder mystery.

“For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a summer day camp for young girls in the Athens area, who primarily are coming from low-income families and it gives them a safe place to be during the summer. But we have all of the regular summer camp activities, but we also have a very strong educational component.”

In addition to dinner and the interactive performance, the event will also feature a cork pull and silent auction. The dinner is from 7 to 10 pm Friday, August 13. Visit ywco.org/events for more information.

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