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United Way of Northeast Georgia Distributing $800,000 in Grants in 2022


The United Way of Northeast Georgia is giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding to 30 different programs next year. Mark Madison is the Director of Community Impact with the organization.   

  “For 2022 we’re actually slated to give out $800,000 in grants,” Madison said. “We’re going to invest in our communities, we’ve got some awesome programs that applied for this funding.” 

Madison says the United Way has more than doubled grant funding since 2021 and increased the number of programs it assists.  

“We do our best to make sure we both promote application by agencies and programs in every county, but also recruit folks from most of the counties, as many of them as we can, to help us review those applications.” 

The United Way supports agencies in 12 counties in northeast Georgia, under three broad categories of Basic Needs, which includes food, homelessness, domestic violence, Early Childhood Success, and Workforce Development.  

“We can’t just have one big blanket approach. We did focus groups and also research in each county to see what the salient needs across these are. Not just what’s the big need in only Clarke County, what’s the big need in just Hart County, but what are the needs that we see each of these counties are experiencing; and how do we not only know about them but then also address and include that area in our process.”  

For more information about the grant process or how to apply, visit the website at www.unitedwayNEGA.org.

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