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Athens Wellbeing Project Survey Open

The Athens Wellbeing Project is once again collecting information from Athens and the surrounding communities in order to improve the quality of life for [Clarke County and] area citizens. Dr. Grace Bagwell Adams is the Principal Investigator.

“The Athens Wellbeing Project mission really is about getting timely, relevant data into the hands of each of the major institutions in our community that make policy, that implement policy and that deliver services,” Bagwell Adams said. “That hopefully makes them make better decisions.”

This is the third survey from the project, which began in 2016. Meagan Bramlett is a doctoral fellow. She says security is priority for those involved.

“Once data are collected, we give responses an elementary school zone code and the home addresses are completely eliminated from the data,” according to Bramlett. “And we are very serious about data security. We can’t do this without the trust of the community.”

Jacob Lambeck is Project Manager. He tells us why the survey is so important.

“This survey data goes directly into the minds and ears of some of the largest institutions and stakeholders in this community, they are regularly used by them,” Lambeck said.  

Data is being collected through February 2022. You can hear more on Athens News Matters at WUGA.org. To take the survey visit www.athenswellbeingproject.org