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Georgia senators lobbied Perdue not to run for Governor

More than two-thirds of Georgia's Republican state senators urged David Perdue not to run for governor in the days before he announced his campaign.

Axios reports that 25 of Georgia’s 35 Republican state senators sent a letter to former Senator David Perdue last month urging him not to run against Brian Kemp in the GOP primary. The letter asked Perdue to instead join state legislators in supporting and endorsing Kemp for reelection.

In a statement to Axios, Perdue, who announced his candidacy last Monday, acknowledged that he had received the letter, but said it did not affect his decision to run. “This is what career politicians do,” Perdue told Axios, calling the letter “ironic” and “ludicrous.”

Perdue announced his candidacy this month and quickly received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, who has openly derided Governor Kemp since Kemp decided not to attempt to overturn President Joe Biden’s 2020 win in Georgia. Among the signatories were state senators Bill Cowsert and Frank Ginn, who represent parts of Athens.

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