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New TSPLOST 2023 project list up for final vote

Athens-Clarke Transit

After some edits to the original recommended project list, a new Commission Defined Option for TSPLOST 2023 will be presented at a virtual meeting Tuesday night.

The revised list proposed by commissioners Carol Myers, Tim Denson, Jessie Houle, Melissa Link and Mariah Parker brings in seven new tax-funded projects and organizes the others into funding buckets, increasing the estimated program budget to $150 million. Previously, the list totaled $144.5 million.

Projects added include $1.5 million for additional pedestrian improvements to West Broad, $3 million to update citywide traffic safety infrastructure and $500,000 to permanently establish the College Square Plaza.

The mayor and commission had been discussing buckets for weeks now as an alternative way of funding projects in the same category. If approved, projects that focus on transit, pavements & bridges, and those in the same corridor — like Atlanta Highway or Jefferson Road — will get funding from one source rather than individual approved sums.

If the commission votes to approve this new list, they’ll have until Feb. 15 to formally add TSPLOST 2023 to ballots for a vote in May.