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ACC commission to meet Tuesday night

Federal COVID relief allocation and agenda items for March are on the table.

ACC Government

On Feb. 15, the ACC Mayor and Commission are expected to discuss American Rescue Plan fund allocation and vote on agenda items for a March 1 regular session.

During Tuesday’s special called session, there will be a vote on a Commission Defined Option from Commissioners Denson, Parker, Myers and Houle which proposes funding buckets for the $57,589,000 in ARPA recovery funds. The commission already allocated $27,383,000 of that money to an eviction prevention program, vaccine incentives and the homeless camp, among other initiatives.

The CDO outlines funding buckets for the remaining ARPA funds that include homelessness, affordable housing, youth development and violence prevention, behavioral health, and business development and workforce support. A $15 minimum wage and new programs to support affordable child care are within that proposal for staff consideration.

ARPA fund allocation goes through 2026, according to what’s been approved by the Mayor and Commission, with a supplemental $3,259,648 from “other funding.”

Commissioner salary bumps and the purchase of more electric vehicles could be on the agenda for a vote at next month’s meeting. Commissioners make from $19,000 to $21,600 a year and those salaries — which haven’t been raised since 2001 — could go up to $28,693 a year. If the ordinance passes, raises wouldn’t go into effect until Jan. 2023.

The virtual special called and agenda setting meetings can be livestreamed on the county's YouTube page at youtube.com/user/accgov.