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Local School Governance Teams Seeking Candidates

Clarke County School District

Candidate declarations are open now for positions on Local School Governance Teams for Clarke County schools.

Open to parents and guardians of Clarke County students as well as teachers, staff members, and community members, LSGTs are a central component of the charter school model of operations, which the CCSD adopted in 2016. Under the charter school model, every school has an LSGT, which works with school leaders to determine the school's priorities and strategies, approve budget decisions, and make recommendations about hiring high-level staff.

Stephen Nobles is the Governance and Flexibility Specialist for the district. “It's an opportunity for any and everyone, but we really want people who are interested in moving the needle -- not just holding a place -- but an opportunity to truly move the needle and to serve all students. It's a great opportunity to get involved at the local level and for you to be a part of a school that bleeds, or feeds, directly into the community that you live in.”

Eligible residents can declare their intention to run for a spot on their LSGT through March 25th. Each school’s parents and staff will vote on the candidates beginning April 11th through the 15th.

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