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State health officials report hepatitis uptick

The Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed several suspected cases of hepatitis among children in the state.

There has been an alarming outbreak of the liver disease in children worldwide, about 200 confirmed cases, with health authorities racing to find answers.

According to the Associated Press, the illnesses have no known connection, although a possible link with a virus that can cause colds is being investigated. At least one child died and several others have required liver transplants.

The recent hepatitis outbreak is different from what people commonly think of as hepatitis. The most recent cases are not the vaccine-preventable type of hepatitis that are commonly talked about, like type A and type B.

The CDC said all physicians should be on the lookout for symptoms and report any suspected case of what's called hepatitis of unknown origin. The ages of the children in Georgia, and the exact locations, have not been made available by the state.