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Board of Education Meets this Evening to Discuss New Divisive Concepts Policy

Nicole Jordan

Members of the Clarke County Board of Education meet this evening to discuss a new divisive concepts policy and review the district's student code of conduct in advance of the upcoming semester.

The need for a divisive conduct policy emerged from a controversial House bill passed in March that prohibits teaching of nine so-called “divisive concepts” related to racism. Among these concepts are the viewpoints that the United States and Georgia are “fundamentally or systemically racist,” that one race is superior to another, or that anyone should feel distressed or guilty because of their skin color.

In compliance with the new Georgia law, Clarke County Board of Education has outlined a complaint resolution process to address alleged violations of this policy, which will be reviewed in tonight’s meeting.

Also up for discussion are revision to the district's student code of conduct. Most of the changes to the student code of conduct are minor; two items of note are new protections against discrimination on the basis of gender or gender identity, and expansion of the code of conduct to include behavior on district-provided electronic resources.

The meeting starts at 6pm and is open to the public.