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UGA Study Finds Physically Active Adolescents are More Likely to Vape


A new study from the University of Georgia found evidence that physically active adolescents are at higher risk of using electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes and vapes, than their peers.

The researchers relied on the 2018 Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0, which included responses from over 362,000 Georgia high school students across 439 schools. According to the data, high school students who reported four to five days of at least 60 minute of physical activity were 23% more likely to vape- but less likely to smoke cigarettes- than less active students.

Janani Rajbhandari-Thapa, the study’s lead author, stated that this difference could be the result of marketing campaigns presenting vapes as a healthy alternative to cigarettes. However, vapes often contain nicotine, benzene, flavorings linked to lung disease, and other carcinogenic chemicals.

Thapa said that she wanted this research to inform policies limiting vaping by limiting marketing and discouraging e-cigarettes in schools.