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Georgia students beat national average on SAT

For the fifth year in a row, Georgia public-school students outperformed their peers across the country on the SAT.

Georgia’s class of 2022 recorded a mean score of 1052, 24 points higher than the 1028 national score but lower compared to the previous year, when Georgia students posted a mean score of 1077. Participation in the SAT among the Georgia class of 2022 increased sharply compared to 2021, when the impacts of the pandemic, the cancellation of some test registrations, and the closure of some test centers in 2020 caused fewer students in the graduating class to take the test. Just more than half of the 2022 class took the SAT, up from 38% in 2021.

Georgia high school students haven’t been as incentivized to take the test as in past years. Citing the effects of the pandemic on learning, the University System of Georgia waived SAT and ACT test requirements at most of the system’s 26 institutions during the last school year and is doing so again this year.