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Athens Psychologist on Rising Anxiety Levels

Doctor screens patient.
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Gantt quoted the CDC which reports 11 percent of adults aged 18 and older have regular feelings of anxiety, but she adds there is hope for those suffering.

Recently, a panel of medical experts, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, recommended that doctors screen all adult patients under age 65 for anxiety. Dr. LaKeisha Gantt is a Psychologist in Athens. She discussed the mental health condition, which is often accompanied by physical symptoms.

Those physical symptoms, which Gantt said can often be overlooked, include upset stomach, the jitters, sweaty palms, tension in shoulders, and headache.

She says the pandemic and other national stressors are likely exacerbating the problem.

Alexia Ridley joined WUGA as Television and Radio News Anchor and Reporter in 2013. When WUGA TV concluded operations, she became the primary Reporter for WUGA Radio. Alexia came to Athens from Macon where she served as the News Director and show host for WGXA TV. She's a career journalist and Savannah native hailing from the University of Michigan. However, Alexia considers herself an honorary UGA DAWG!
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