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Georgia's 2022 Election Results

WSBTV News Staff

Republicans sought to maintain their hold on Georgia’s legislative and statewide offices during Tuesday’s elections. Although five races remain too close to call, Republicans won 96 seats in the 180-member State House of Representatives and 33 seats in the 56-member State Senate.

Additionally, Republican incumbents defended all seven state offices besides governor and U.S. senator on the ballot. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held his position despite a strong campaign from state senator Bee Nguyen, several other Republican politicians fought to do the same as Democrat nominees garnered national attention over voting rights and abortion rights.

Although Democrats hoped to gain seats in the General Assembly after redistricting and voter mobilization movements, Republicans retained their majority and took over a few districts that favored Democrats. The extent of this majority is important, as an absolute majority of all members is required in either chamber to pass legislation. If Republicans can bring in additional seats as the final votes are counted, they will maintain a stronger margin of control.