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Georgia's abortion law is headed to the state's highest court

Attorneys representing Governor Brian Kemp on Friday asked the Georgia Supreme Court to reverse a superior court ruling released last week that blocked enforcement of the state’s anti-abortion law.

On Tuesday, Fulton Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney ordered the state to no longer enforce the 2019 law, which banned most abortions once fetal cardiac activity could be detected, typically at about six weeks into a pregnancy and before many know they are pregnant. The law had been in effect in Georgia since July.

It is unclear how soon the Supreme Court will make a decision on whether to block McBurney’s ruling, which would put the 2019 law back into effect. In their appeal, attorneys for the state said it doesn’t matter whether the law was not constitutional when it passed the General Assembly in 2019, it is now in line with the law as established by the Dobbs decision.