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ACC commissioners debate Olympic Drive housing development


The development, which creates 254 townhomes with around 762 bedrooms, would be located at 505 and 515 Olympic Drive -- a primarily industrial area. Some commissioners, along with county staff and the Planning Commission, were worried the development would increase the county’s housing stock at the expense of residents' comfort. According to county staff, the development suffers from limited transit, is car-dependent, and would likely face noise and dust complaints from a nearby planned Water/Sewer facility.

District 6’s Jesse Houle joined county staff in criticizing the proposal’s design.

However, some commissioners saw the development’s proximity to industrial areas as a way to promote economic advancement. District 7’s John Culpepper spoke in support of the proposal.

While commissioners did not vote at Tuesday’s meeting, Mayor Kelly Girtz seemed to be skeptical of the proposal.

Commissioners plan to hold a final vote in early May.

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