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Juneteenth and Public Transport to be discussed at Commission Meeting

ACC Commission

The Clark County Board of Commission meets tonight to discuss next year’s budget, improvements to Athens public transport, the county’s plans for Juneteenth and more.

AccGov’s transport department has been awarded nearly $600,000 by the Georgia Department of Transportation to help reduce the car dependency and provide greater mobility for Athens residents. If the grants are accepted tonight, the transport department will contract with an outside expert to identify potential advances in the regional transport system.

Following last year’s passage of multiple resolutions meant to uphold Juneteenth as a local annual holiday, ACC’s Human Relations Commission is requesting funding for a proposed community celebration. They’re asking that the local Family Connection-Communities in Schools of Athens be named the Juneteenth Event Coordinator and funding for facilitating an event planned by the nonprofit organization.

All ACC commission meetings are streamed and broadcast live on the county’s website, as well as available on-demand afterwards.

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