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Georgia Disenrolling Children from Medicaid at High Rates Despite New Funding Injection

A doctor listens to a child's breathing.
B Busco
Getty Images
A doctor listens to a child's breathing.

New information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found Georgia is disenrolling children from Medicaid in greater numbers than most other states, many whom may be eligible for coverage. The AJC reports the news came on the same day Georgia announced a new allocation of $54 million to bolster and repair the understaffed effort to requalify the state’s Medicaid recipients.

Like all states, Georgia is re-evaluating all 2.8 million people enrolled in the state’s Medicaid health insurance program for the poor to see who still qualifies after pandemic protections ended. Federal officials are calling on Georgia and eight other states to take action to ensure children are not being dropped by mistake.

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