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Georgia Rings in 2024 with New Legislation: Healthcare, Aquatic Safety, and Consumer Protection

A doctor listens to a child's breathing.
B Busco
Getty Images
A doctor listens to a child's breathing.

The new year brings new laws for Georgia. SB 20, the Consumer Access to Contracted Healthcare Act, ensures consumer access to quality healthcare by setting adequacy standards for network plans offered by an insurer. It requires insurers to have sufficient primary care, specialty care, pharmacies, clinical labs, and facilities in their plans to service a particular area.

SB 107 is Izzy’s Law, named in memory of a four-year-old boy who drowned two years ago during a swimming lesson near Augusta. It required the Georgia Department of Public Health to come up with aquatic safety guidelines for swim instructors by the first day of the new year and requires private swim instructors in Georgia to have a safety plan in place no later than the first of April this year.

HB 528 is designed to protect consumers in Georgia who use subscription services and third-party food delivery services. It stops unnecessary barriers for Georgians who want to cancel automatic renewal or continuous service subscriptions offered online and stops third-party delivery services from arranging for delivery orders with restaurants they don’t have a previously written agreement with.

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