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Clarke County School District in excellent financial health going into January 2024

Nicole Jordan

The school district released its financial report going into the next fiscal year. Actual revenues topped out at $161 million for the year so far, which was $7 million more than expected. The district claims this is due to the timing of certain tax receipts and a one-time lease payment from American Tower Lease.

Actual expenditures for the year so far have also increased, to $121 million, $3 million more than expected, which district officials say is due to the timing of certain spending. The school district fund balance is at $94.5 million going into 2024 higher than the expected fund balance was $90.2 million.

Board of Education members will be following the district’s financial statements closely as work begins on the district’s annual budget, which last year came to just over $214 million. The Board is likely to vote on next year’s budget in June.

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