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Clarke County School District Took in More Funds and Spent Less in February, According to Report


The Clarke County School District has released its financial report for the month of February.

According to its latest financial report, the Clarke County School District is in good financial health. It projected revenues of over $10 million for the month of February, but took in over 100 thousand more dollars than expected. Much of February’s revenue came from ad valorum taxes.

CCSD also spent less in the month of February than it expected—a little over one hundred thousand dollars less than it budgeted. Over half of the month’s expenditures went to instruction.

In addition, the school district’s General Fund has reached over $87 million, about $5 million more than expected. Still, the total amount of money in the General Fund has decreased since October, and the percentage of dollars in reserve is expected to continue decline over the rest of the year.

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