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CCSD gives students free glasses and vision care through new partnership

A new Clarke County School District partnership is helping students gain access to glasses and vision care at no cost.

The CCSD School Nursing team is partnering with the nonprofit Prevent Blindness Georgia (PBGA) to give free eye exams and two pairs of glasses to students in need. The initiative is funded through a grant from the Georgia Baptist Foundation.

The district performs state-mandated vision screenings every fall to preschoolers, kindergarteners, third and sixth graders. Those who do not pass the initial screenings are sent referrals to a free follow-up appointment at a local Prevent Blindness Georgia clinic.

Nearly one-fifth of tested students were referred for additional care in some schools. The district nursing team works to ensure that students can attend those appointments by contacting parents and even coordinating bus transportation with a goal of helping all referred students.

“Glasses are a big deal. Vision insurance is a luxury,” said PGBA Vice President of Children’s Vision Services Shavette Turner. “We’re excited to do this…This really is helping a lot of children and families.”

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