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Athens News Matters: UGA Researcher Receives Grant for Human Trafficking Research

David Okech
University of Georgia

  WUGA contributor Allison Salerno brings us this report of a UGA researcher who received a multi-million dollar grant to fight human trafficking.

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Extras from Allison Salerno's interview with Dr. David Okech:

Q: What do you think about the trend toward referring to human trafficking as "modern-day slavery?


Q: Are the numbers of enslaved people worldwide greater than in 1850? Have the numbers of enslaved people worldwide increased in recent years? 


Q: How does the cost of a human sold into slavery today compare with the cost of a human sold into slavery in 1850, the year the US Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act? 


Q: Who in the United States is vulnerable to being trafficked?


Q: How will your research team use this grant money?  


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