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GA Republican Candidates Trade Accusations

Photo:Wikimedia Commons

Two Atlanta Journal-Constitution stories examining the finances of each of the two candidates in Georgia’s Republican Gubernatorial primary runoff have them both calling for the other to return thousands of dollars in donations.

Locked into a tight race ahead of the July 24 runoff that will determine which candidate will face Democrat Stacey Abrams in November, Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle and Secretary of State Brian Kemp have accused each other of unethical or even illegal behavior.  Cagle has accused Kemp of raising money unethically after an AJC story reported that Kemp has raised at least $325,000 in donations from individuals and companies that work in industries that he regulates. “Kemp has talked a lot about special interest money – a topic he should know a lot about as he’s raked in cash from businesses that he has the power to investigate and that depend on his office for licensing,” Cagle campaign manager Scott Binkley told the AJC.

On the other side, Kemp’s campaign cited an AJC article which reported that Cagle received at least $240,000 from lobbyists ahead of the 2018 Legislative session, as well as the secret recording made by former candidate Clay Tippins where Cagle admitted to supporting “bad public policy” to prevent a rival from obtaining support from interest groups. “Sadly, Cagle's unethical - and illegal - behavior under the Gold Dome is status quo for the gubernatorial hopeful,”

Kemp spokesman Ryan Mahoney told the AJC, adding that Cagle was “bought and paid for by the special interests” . “There’s a cash grab in Georgia’s Republican primary, and Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are up for sale to the highest bidder,” Democratic Party of Georgia spokesman Eric Gray told the AJC. “We now know who Cagle and Kemp are really fighting for in this race: their special interest donors and political insider buddies.”